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You're ridiculed. You're humiliated. You're pushed to the margins of social interactions and labeled as an outsider, an untouchable--all because you like comicbooks, dinosaurs, or auto shows. You're a geek and you're not alone, because everyone is geeky about something. This tenet lies at the core of Lance Arthur Smith's examination of geek culture and how it has shaped not only him but also his daughter, Scottie- the PRINCESS GEEK. 

Smith attempts to make sense of Pop Culture's relationship with parenting, and during this journey he finds ways to encourage, celebrate, and empower his young geek daughter on her pilgrimage through childhood and beyond. 

The road is fraught with pitfalls and lions, and the answer to the Sphinx's riddle may be elusive, but Smith embarks with gusto on the voyage (with YOU, the reader, in tow) to find a shared story and the means of leaving that story as a legacy to the next generation.

Design by John Schartzer
Book no.1
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