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The Price of Peace

(formerly Hemispheres)

THE PRICE OF PEACE charts machinist Sam Penn's journey through wartime America from California to Oak Ridge-- a secret city in Tennessee responsible for the fuel of a destructive new weapon. The city's inhabitants carried on their work and lives in secret without the knowledge of what they were working on or why they toiled. Laundry was folded, bridge clubs and sporting teams were formed, and the course of human history was altered irrevocably for all time.


Based on interviews with primary sources living in Oak Ridge, TN during the Second World War.


CAST SIZE: 6 actors.

2w (20s to early 30s), 4m (mid 20s to early 30s)


Design by Justin Jorgensen

Production History:


2018 Lab, three-night staged reading

New Village Arts, Carlsbad

2015 Workshop, two-night staged reading

New Village Arts, Carlsbad

2015 Commission

New Village Arts, Carlsbad

The Two Wisemen of Las Cruces

Design by Manny Fernandes

Production History:


2012 Staged Reading

Playwrights in Process Series

Cygnet Theatre Company, San Diego


In 1880 New Mexico, banker Reg Mantle brings a sack of money, a gun, and his son to wait for a confrontation in the desert with an old adversary. The shady financial dealings of Reg's governmental past are illuminated, his wife's love is tested, and he's forced to impart to his son the lessons of a lifetime in a matter of days.


"With gripping momentum, Smith's characters charge through another father-son road trip, set in New Mexico circa 1880. Olivia Espinosa read the part of Sabiduria, a Spanish-Indian woman torn between Coates (Steven Lone) and Reg (Patrick Duffy) and devoted to her son Sam (Jonah Gercke). There is a grisly showdown that seemed to satisfy those present… this is, after all, the Wild West."

-Charlene Baldridge, San Diego Critics Circle


The Two Wisemen of Las Cruces is a Eugene O'Neill Theater Center Semifinalist and Princess Grace Award Semifinalist.


CAST SIZE: 4 actors.

1w (early to mid 30s), 1m (late 30s), 1m (early 40s), 1 young m (14-16)



Truth, Justice, and the Four-Color Way

Design by Michael McKeon

Production History:


2012 Workshop

Cygnet Theatre Company, San Diego


2011 Staged Reading

Playwrights in Process Series

Cygnet Theatre Company, San Diego


1950s Postwar America.


Reeling from the shock of World War II, popular culture was forced to abandon darker stories in favor of light fare. Television icons like Lucy reinforced our innocence, as did the ever-popular comic book: Walt Disney’s animal line, Funnies on Parade, and those wholesome superheroes fighting for right and the American way. But springing from fear of the bomb and The Red Scare, juvenile delinquency reached record levels and a desperate public called for its representatives to find a tangible culprit. A handy scapegoat arose in a small contingency of daring, edgy, comic book talent aggressively challenging the flow.


Emile Brereton, Deputy for the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency, wrestles with his obligations to his family, his political aspirations, and his responsibility to the nation's youth.


Truth, Justice, and the Four-Color Way explores the trials of parenthood in the face of an apparently uncontrollable media influence, and the near-obliteration of the comic book industry due to the televised 1954 Senate Subcommittee hearings.

This piece is a Eugene O'Neill Theater Center Semifinalist.


CAST SIZE: 9 actors.

2w (mid to late 20s), 5m (40s/50s), 1m (30s), 1 young m (10-12)



Production History:


2015 Reading

Prod. Noel Orput and Michael Lopez

One-Act Stageplay:


Blonde-haired, tall, and stunning (the Aryan ideal) Helene Mayer displayed unmatched skill with a fencing foil. She was the pride of Germany, with a gold medal in the 1928 Olympics and a staggering array of victories. She was also a Jew and after the infamous Nuremberg Laws denied Jews their German citizenship, she found herself stripped of all privilege to fence for her country. She fled west and found a new life in the United States.

With America and several other countries threatening to boycott the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games over the issue of anti-Semitism, Hitler and his Nazi Party scrambled to improve public relations. For the duration of the August Games, the German capital would be declared a hate-free city. As a show of "good faith", the Third Reich also proclaimed that Helene Mayer would be brought home to fence for the fatherland. As Hitler's token Jewish Olympian she was determined to regain her citizenship, while shielding her family from Hitler's wrath.


CAST SIZE: Variable. See breakdown here.




True Blue

Concepts by Brandon Kenney

Production History:


2006 Production

Actors Alliance San Diego Festival


2003 Production

ARK Theatre Company, Los Angeles


1997 Production

Riverside Rep (now Tricklock), Albuquerque


1996 Production

Dionysus in the Round

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Vincent is a struggling writer. His father, Terrance, is dead. Can Vincent and Terrance find common ground when each is on the verge of eternity?


"True Blue, penned by Lance Arthur Smith, directed by Angela Miller with Christopher Buess and Dallas McLaughlin on stage. Writer's block, that terrible stage in the writing process when nothing works, is often the subject of writers. Smith captures the feeling of a suicidal young man faced with two years of non-productivity. His attempts at hanging are for naught. He is then visited by his deceased dad who has the audacity to come back as a young man rather than the 68-year-old who had left this mortal coil. There is some unfinished business that his son has to face. Director Miller had a gentle feel for the relationship between son and dad as well as another brother."

-Robert Hitchcock, Total Theatre


CAST SIZE: 2 actors.

1m (mid 20s), 1 m (30s)